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 Atlantic Business Systems is an alternative provider of phone service in North Carolina for many small to medium businesses. If your like many business your looking for ways to reduce or keep your operating costs low.  If your looking for an alternative to Verizon a former Bell with old pricing and often with poor service when you .  So take a minute and call us today.  As a way to offer additional benefits to our customers, such as telephone equipment, and business telephone features.  In over a decade ABS has offered great telephone repair service, now we have also become one of the telephone companies in Maryland.


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 Have you been wondering if there is an alternatives to Verizon for your business?


Your Business could SAVE 30{8972185e437423ab9dc7c494c472592546d7d0d9a9b4fb1b447081437c7d53ae}  to 50{8972185e437423ab9dc7c494c472592546d7d0d9a9b4fb1b447081437c7d53ae} 

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With just a few pieces of information we can shop your current phone service to far more phone service providers then you may believe are even available. We have relationships and agreements with many of these business phone service providers allowing us to assist you with lowering your phone bill!

  • Maintain the same telecom quality
  • Keep your current phone equipment
  • Savings Can cover Upgraded Phone Equipment
    • New Telephone features
    • More Reliable and Dependable
    • An Alternative to Verizon

Therefore when considering your next telephone provider in Maryland, consider ABS as your affordable source for communications.  We are also a telephone repair company in Maryland.


Trust Atlantic Business Systems for all your Telecom needs including:


Avaya Telephone Repair


At ABS our goal is always to put the client first! If your looking for telephone repair, alternatives to Verizon, a phone service provider, or to upgrade your phone system simply give us a call.


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